We deliver opportunities for ideas to actualize.

By bringing together a large number of relevant people in one place, we provide the environment for business interaction that is both wide and intense. Invariably, the chemistry of such invigorating interaction sparks many new and unforeseen opportunities which bright ideas need to blossom. In this way, our exhibitions and events enable ideas to fructify.


KDCL has over 25 years of experience in organizing more than 75 exhibitions all across India. Renowned for ENGIMACH, the premier engineering machinery show, KDCL has organized reputed exhibitions in different industrial segments like Machine Tools, Engineering, Electricity, Telecommunications, Information Technology, Pharmaceuticals, Power, Defense, Plastics, etc. KDCL events are always associated with a high quality of participants. Both exhibitors and visitors expect a fruitful experience at a KDCL event.



Team KDCL offers its services to other organizers who want to outsource the management of 360-degree operations of their exhibitions, conventions and other events. Enriched with an experience of 25 years, KDCL is well-versed in every aspect of creating a successful event. Whether it is a small or a large-scale event, organizers trust KDCL management to make it a success. The collaborative teamwork of KDCL, its allied vendors and associates, finally delivers a fruitful and happy business experience for all stakeholders – the organizers, exhibitors, visitors and other participants.



KDCL is the only exhibition company in India to develop a world-class infrastructure for hosting international trade fairs. Named the Helipad Exhibition Centre (HEC), it is situated in Gandhinagar, the capital of Gujarat. This initiative of KDCL fulfilled a sorely felt need in Gujarat for such a venue. The HEC is today the largest exhibition centre in Gujarat offering over 1 Lakh sq. m. of exhibition area and parking for 10,000 cars. It has 13 exhibition halls of varying sizes to suit different needs like exhibition, conference, private events, etc.