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Threads to Tech: Weaving the Future at ITMACH Trade fair 2024

ITMACH is an upcoming event in India, expected to present the latest technology in the textile industry. The event will be conducted from 21st February to 24th February 2024 at Helipad Grounds, Gandhinagar India. This trade fair will exhibit a range of products like machinery for yarn winding, texturizing, embroidery, braiding, recycling, waste reduction, pollution prevention, and more.

The textile machinery exhibition is an amazing opportunity for business owners or professionals to discover the innovation in the textile industry and meet top technology experts, manufacturers and thought leaders. Moreover, the exhibition’s focus is on presenting the latest textile machinery and accessories, to witness future integration of textile technology with the tech industry.

Sounds interesting? In this blog we will explore more details about ITMACH Trade Fair to help you gain more insights. Stay tuned with us.

What is ITMACH Trade Fair?

ITMACH Trade Fair is a renowned international exhibition for textile machinery and accessories which is organized in India. The exhibition collectively brings manufacturers, thought leaders of the industry and tech experts to present the latest technology trends in textile machinery.

With the participation of 10 countries in 3 successful events over the past 6 years, ITMACH is one of the best examples of the growth of the textile industry in India.

Overall, India’s textile industry has received FDI inflows $3.45 billion between March 2000 to March 2022. This fair is a perfect opportunity to learn about new markets, buyers, sellers, discover alliances and gain perspective on industry trends and demands.

Why should you consider participating in the Textile Machinery Exhibition?

  • Access to new markets, buyers, sellers: The upcoming event in India focuses on collaborating with a huge number of international exhibitors, visitors to offer exclusive opportunities in order to expand your network and discover business trends.
  • Connect with top manufacturers, tech experts: ITMACH Trade Fair 2024 is the top platform to meet industry professionals, tech experts, policy makers to gain insights on latest innovations with textile technology.
  • Foster industry collaborationTextile machinery exhibitions allow individuals to establish new partnerships and discover insights on industry at a larger level.
  • Represents latest textile technology: Theeventwill highlight innovative machinery and softwares for varied textile procedures.
  • Discover tech for waste reduction, pollution prevention: The exhibition combines sustainability with technological innovation. Participants can get access to the equipment and the procedures for waste reduction, pollution prevention and recycling.
  • Network effortlessly: If you are a business owner or professional in the textile industry, then this textile tech exhibition is an ideal place to interact or network with industry professionals to discover new trends and opportunities.

Impact of Technology on Textile industry

Technology has impacted positively in the textile industry, like improved efficiency in manufacturing processes, innovation in sustainability, and more.

  • Optimized manufacturing procedure: Over the years, technology has improved procedures of weaving, printing, dyeing, and finishing, and optimized the process of fabric production.
  • Automation in manufacturing: Manufacturing sectors have witnessed annual revenue of around $4.9 billion upon technological development as per the Oxford University report. Like 3D knit technology to make textile products efficient.
  • Sustainable procedures: Sustainable manufacturing processes like utilizing lesser energy and reducing waste is feasible due to technological advancements in the textile industry. Additionally, these innovations have led to the increasing demand for eco-friendly fabrics and materials.
  • Digitization in textile industry:  Virtual fit software provides a visual guide on how certain collections or styles look on your body, helping shoppers to make better-informed decisions. Additionally, Digital twins, 3D models built through scanning an object to create a digital replica, allows designers to study fabrics before producing them, saving time and money.
  • Nanotechnology: Nano textiles are utilized into a wider market to help the textile industry for manufacturing clothing with advanced scientific properties like self-cleaning, water repellent, and more.

What is the future of textile technology?

The integration of varied tech advancements with the textile industry has been leading to smart innovations and sustainable fabrics. And this integration prepares for the materials that can change properties to optimize comfort and prioritize sustainability.

One of the trends that is expected to shape the future of textile technology is programmable weaving for a specified fabric production process, utilizing robotics and AI in garment manufacturing and increased development for sustainable fabrics in coming years.

In addition, textile engineering developments have impacted the creations of fabrics with features like breathability, UV protection and elevated comfort without compromising style and fashion. Over the years, organizations are driving textile innovation through bio fabrication, fiber recycling and similar sustainable solutions.

Today, the latest technology platforms have been announced to transform the future of wearable technology via textile technology. These technological trends indicate a future where functionality, aesthetics, and sustainability harmoniously coexist.

What are the latest technological trends emerging in the textile industry?

  • Automation in Textile Machinery: With increasing automation advancements, the textile industry has observed improved efficiency and productivity like using smart factories, autonomous logistics and smart maintenance systems. In textile machinery exhibition, participants may discover new trends catered to simplify workflow with cutting-edge innovation.
  • Sustainability: As we know, there is growing demand for eco-friendly practices specifically in the textile industry, which calls for more sustainable textile machinery. In this event, you can expect to learn more on the integration of green technologies with unique style and introduction of energy efficiency machinery.
  • Digitized production: You can expect unique digital software or tool concepts to improve quality and efficiency in manufacturing procedures.
  • Demand for technical textiles: Due to applications in varied industries like aerospace, healthcare, and more this segment is expected to have the highest CAGR over the forecast period.
  • Growth in hygiene industry: Due to increasing demand of the hygiene industry, the textile machinery market is witnessing tremendous growth. Which means there is a room for development for advanced machines to produce enhanced hygiene products.
  • Technological integration: As we discussed above, the textile industry is growing with unique advancements in technology. The usage of advanced sensors, data analytics and AI in textile machinery is one of the leading trends in this field.

Final Thoughts

The latest technology in textile machinery that will be presented at ITMACH Trade Fair 2024 is expected to include a wide array of products for yarn winding, texturizing, embroidery, braiding and more.

In addition, the event is expected to feature innovative machinery for varied textile processes and softwares for design, data monitoring and streamlined production process, advanced equipment for recycling, waste reduction and pollution prevention.

As we eagerly look forward to this innovative trade fair, it’s worth noting the significant role played by K AND D COMMUNICATION LIMITED (KDCL), a trailblazing trade fair organizer in India. With a legacy spanning over 25 years, KDCL has been instrumental in fostering the growth of pioneering companies, making valuable contributions to the evolution of the industry

December 26, 2019