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Trade Fairs – the Accelerators Our Economy Needs

With the market re-establishing itself, returning to how the world was pre-pandemic anytime soon is unlikely. Trade fairs, however, contribute to the bolt by compressing the entire platform of manufactures, suppliers, and potential buyers of individual economic sectors to one physical place laying out opportunities not only to make higher sales within a smaller period but also to grasp complete awareness of where your competitors are at. The government has listed managing health crises and reviving the economy as their top priority.

Trade Fairs and Indian Economy

Generally speaking, trade fairs play a critical role in the instauration of the economy. They present a chance for companies to buy, sell, and source. Ordinarily, they became a vital component in the business calendar, a key factor in building networks and gauging competition. The Indian Exhibition Industry Association (IEIA) estimates the market size of the exhibition industry at ₹23,800 Cr. India entertained over 550 events annually before the pandemic hit.

With new safety protocols, exhibitions will be a controlled environment. The entire process is safe for a visitor. On balance, it allows contactless entry and meetings, cashless transactions, and social distancing; while being able to resume liquidity in the market is the restart our economy awaits.


In a word, ENGIMACH has proven to be a prodigious trade fair. It sets a platform for presenting and viewing the industry’s technological prowess and innovations. The worldwide networking, pre-emptive planning and execution, and diligent control of macro and micro-level logistics benefits the participants. These include businessmen, industry experts, Government officials, decision-makers, investors as well as visitors coming in from different segments of the engineering, manufacturing and technology sector.

We are focused on raising the standards of exhibitions through commitment, passion and extraordinary efforts. We strive to provide exceptional and innovative experiences in business promotions and networking. It served as a catalyst to their tremendous growth and development.

says Kamlesh Gohil, CMD, K and D Communication Limited

Through our committed endeavor and a no-compromise attitude, the exhibition ensures a payback from the event. It has made us to stand as Asia’s most dynamic engineering, machinery, material handling, and machine tools exhibition. The 14th edition of the trade show was one of the most comprehensive and protracted events. With world-class facilities for product display, corporate communications, publicity, promotions, liaison with government bodies, and inter and intra-business interaction, the upcoming edition is determined to be the prime contributor to the boost that our economy needs.

December 26, 2019